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Completely private solution with corporate cloud features for enterprises and large organizations.

From 1000 users
200GB email, 1TB file storage
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Hosted Email
Enhanced security of your data
Control your daily agenda
Desktop & mobile communication app with free guest access
Up to 1000 attendees
Unlimited HD recording
Record your calls including video
Collaborative editing
Real-time document editing with colleagues
Antispam and antivirus protection
Mobile sync
Exchange Active Sync
Desktop Suite
Desktop Suite is a bundle of native desktop applications for Windows and Mac which provides the convenience of all business information synchronized with the desktop and available offline.
Powerful email client application
Calendars, contacts, tasks, notes synchronization
Chat without leaving the app
Conferences scheduling
Office applications (Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations) for Windows
Business package
1 000 users
All-in-one experience in the browser that scales with your growth.
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Scale up your cost savings

With large-scale deployments, every per-user saving adds up. When you save up to 47%, as is the case with IceWarp, this results in huge bottom-line savings. Your CFO will be a fan.

Rely on radical openness

IceWarp works with any desktop and mobile platform, syncs with major competitors including Microsoft Outlook and never locks your data in proprietary repositories. You are free to migrate from our cloud, backup your data on-premises and use whatever works for you.

Guaranteed uptime you can build on

Full HA setup with enterprise-class monitoring and 24/7 support team to cover your back.

Link up your systems

Use our well-documented API to link up IceWarp with other enterprise systems. Or we can custom-develop the integration for you.

We take care of migration, installation and configuration

Our engineers can help you migrate your data, install IceWarp and configure it exactly to your needs. Building on our experience migrating organizations of hundreds thousands users, it’s sure going to be a smooth operation.

Enterprise-level Single Sign-On

Sync up IceWarp with you corporate directory for Single Sign-On functionality that makes every user’s every day easy.

Hands-on responsive support straight from the vendor

With IceWarp, you’re getting direct support straight from the vendor unlike anything our larger competitors wouldn’t even dream of. Your enterprise is unique to us just like it is to you.

Your deployment scenario, your choice

IceWarp can run on our private cloud with fully managed services or you can deploy it on your own enterprise infrastructure. No matter what implementation model you choose, you’re getting enterprise-level security and data confidentiality in a collaboration infrastructure that just works.

Migration doesn’t mean migraine

We migrate hundreds of customers each a month. Our free migration tool moves everything from your existing solution including mailboxes, notes, calendars and tasks, along with access privileges and shared folders.

Ideal for companies of all sizes

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Completely private solution with corporate cloud features for enterprises and large organizations.

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